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The Gentry's Front Porch

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A Brief Family History

Thomas married Rachel E, Ross in Irwin County GA.

My Daddy, Frank Tucker always bragged about his Red Irish Roots. Boy would he have been surprised to know he was English blue blood! The Tucker family can be traced back tothe 1400's My grandpa was Thomas Martin Tucker, son of Matthew, son of Elisha Jr., son of Elisha, and on

and on. Daddy had some very strong Scottish blood from his mothers Ross line, then Irish from the Clements. But his true Tucker blood was English.

William Daniel Ross JAN. 01, 1822__ AUG. 08,1862
I am so proud of my Southern Heritage, it has nothing to do with race or nationality, it has to do with the Pride my ansestors brought with them from Scotland, Ireland, and England,to such places as The Bermuda, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and then into North Ga. on their way home to South Georgia.
We lost a large number of our fine families in The
terrible War Of Northern Agression, they gladly gave their lives for The Cause

Margaret Gentry

The beginning of our clan Margaret Gentry is the start of our Gentry Line, she came into Forstyh County, Ga. from South Carolina, and settled in Cummings. She was listed
in census with The Pirkle family in 1840 but then in 1860 she is listed with Tempy Dollar who was her sister. In 1880 census she is still listed with Tempy and another sister Elizabeth, several Gentry families came into this area which includes Gilmer County, Lumpkin County and others.
I would love to trace this back but am very pleased we have accurate records from 1860 to date. She was a true pioneer lady and we honor her.
In the 1860 census for Forsyth County, GA. Margaret Gentry is listed with her 1 1/2 day old child as living with James and Tempy Dollar. When James Dollar died he bequested items in his will to his beloved sister-in-law, Margaret Gentry. At a later posting I will include this will.

Sarrah Elizabeth Hayes
1st wife of Lumpkin Gentry
Sarah Ophlia Mauldin
2nd wife of Lumpktn Gentry

Sarrah Elizabeth Hayes was born March 16, 1864 to Samuel Loren Hayes and Mary Jane Hawkins. She married Lumpkin Gentry Nov. 06, 1844. She died Oct. 08, 1903.

Sarah Ophelia Mauldin, was the daughter of T.T. Mauldin C.S.A. and Sarah(Dolly) Veal,. She was born Aug. 29, 1870 and died April 1944. She married Lumpkin Gentry Aug. 05, 1906.

Our Mauldin Heritage comes on both the Tucker and the Gentry sides but it is not blood conected. Buddy's Grandmothers brothers married my grandmothers sisters.

Abram Perry Clements and Mary Clements had a daughter Mary E. Clements, she was born September 18, 1838 and died February 05, 1890. She married Horton Fletcher, CSA in March 15, 1856. He was killed in Sharpsburg, Maryland dying for The Southern Cause September 17, 1862.

Mary married John A. Ross January 21, 1869 they had 8
children. My grandmother Rachel E. Ross was the 6th child of this union.
She married Thomas Martin Tucker son of Mathew Tucker and Martha Hobby.

John Thomas Driver
Arminta Francis Scott, (Mittie)
My Brick Wall is The Driver Family. John Thomas Driver came from Henry County GA. into the Irwin County area, He married Arminta Francis Scott, (Mittie). They had 11 children the 5th being my Little Mama Mae Ola
Driver Who married Tan Cleghorn,
April 06, 1917 their first child was Leah Gertrude Cleghorn she married
Reason Franklin (Frank) Tucker.

Tan Cleghorn
Mae Ola Driver Cleghorn
Tan Cleghorn,1889-1963,& Mae Ola Driver Cleghorn 1902-1976
My Granddaddy and Little Mama. My Grandpa Tucker died before I was born so my Granddaddy was all I had and I loved him enough for two granddaddys!

John Alexander Ross 1846-1930
John A, Ross with second wife Nancy Jane Tucker Suggs
My Ross Family came from Scotland into Virginia then into Palaski County
before coming on down to Irwin County. William Daniel Ross's son John Alexander was my Granny Tucker's daddy.
He married 1st Mary Clements daughter of Abram Perry Clements another pioneer of Irwin and Turner counties. John A. married 2nd Mary Jane Tucker Suggs, daughter of Matthew Tucker. You will find his name along with the Tucker, Ross and Mauldin families listed in The Irwin County
History and The Turner County History.

David Zachariah Luke and Betsey Ann Tomberlin Luke
Grandparents of David Lumpkin Gentry Jr. my Buddy
The Luke Family came from Little Peedee River section of South Carolina into Irwin County. References to this family is in The Irwin County History Book and other Publications I will list later.
I am proud of my ansestors and want to honor them with this web site.
They were true pioneers that came into this area of South GA. and fought the elements to make homes for their families.

This is the original will of James Dollar from Forsyth county, Georgia. He was married to Tempy Dollar sister of Margaret Gentry.

original james dollar will.jpg

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