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The Gentry's Front Porch

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Favorite Family Photos
This is a picture of my Aunt Zelma Tucker Dean

I always thought she was so very pretty and such a good person. I can remember her so well and the birth of her first son. This was not a home birth but she was cared for by my Granny at her home and I remember it well. I was 6 years old and wanted that baby to be my baby doll.


My Granny Tucker and my Daddy Frank Tucker. Daddy thought his mama was the greatest and he was right. She looked older in this picture around 1938 than she looked when she died in 1972.


My Daddy Reason Franklin (Frank) Tucker was my hero. His skin was so soft and I can remember him shaving and clipping his hair on his arms. He always smelled like Old Spice and I loved to hug and snuggle with him. He had the bluest eyes and by the time I came along his hair was an odd shade of grayish steel. I miss him so much.


Uncle Bud in his uniform. He was a kind hearted man and never married, that was fine with me because I had him without his own children to contend with! He lived with my Granny and that was one of my favorite places to be.


Granny and Uncle Bud

Uncle Doc another uncle that never married, stayed home and helped care for his mama. The funniest thing I can remember about Uncle Doc was him asking Granny to sell a cow to buy a mule. He aways wanted what he did not have but he was my Uncle and I loved him and he would take me to the store in the afternoon and buy me junk!